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Armed with various sports certifications under their arsenals, Physique Studio trainers are all well-certified with knowledge that could help you in your fitness goal.


The indomitable spirit as well as the assortment of training styles from our Physique Studio trainers have been well trusted and proven to work for our clients, and it will work for you.


Physique Studio trainers have been training their clients for years and come to understand and respect various anatomical differences. They can easily assess the level of fitness and help you customise your training routines.


Ng Ze Yuan is a experienced personal trainer of 10 years and the co-founder of Physique Studio. Focusing on transforming clients through postural correction, movement awareness, nutrition and overall holistic development. Develops his form of training through his involvement in yoga and pilatescombining with years of training in the weight room giving clients both the strength and mobility to function in of the gym and out in their daily life.

Strong professional with a Bsc (Exercise & Sports Science) focused in Sports and Exercise from Edith Cowan University. He also carry a certification in personal training from American Council of Exercise as well as National Council of Strength and Fitness.


Jake Cheng has been in the fitness industry for the past 10 years . Being passionate and consistent is key in his believe to be a good personal trainer. The extensive experience in training clients from all walks of life has given him confidence and understanding in his
knowledge to serve his clients.

Graduated with a Nitec in fitness training from the National council of strength and fitness (NCFS), he specialised in helping clients to achieve proper techniques and better posture in handling day to day activities.

Jake is a firm believer that physical training should not be just training in the gym but also extends into a lifestyle and a way of life.


Ong Yan Xun is a health and fitness enthusiast, with 9 years of Personal Training experience. Awarded Silver at FMLeague Nationals Classic Physique 2017, his passion for fitness and training goes beyond aesthetic results.

Transforming clients through nutrition and training with emphasis on proper form and movement technique, to achieve goals from better mobility function, building muscle tone, to weight loss etc. Training methods focus on functional training, corrective exercise for prevention or support of an injury, strength conditioning, engaging the mind muscle connection in movement.

Yan Xun strives to make each session count, mixing in some fun and light heartedness for adherence and consistency, for all fitness levels, to achieve all physique goals. Highly motivated professional, with Personal Training certification by National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF), and certification in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM).


With 6 years of personal training under his belt, Jiaying's main aim for his clients has always been for them to achieve their desired physical goals and also for them to gain proper knowledge/technique during training which enables them to be functional in their daily activities.

Jiaying is equipped with specialised skills and knowledge to greatly benefit his clients: having a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certificate from the American Council of Exercise (ACE), Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) Certificate, Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) Certificate and a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science from Edinburgh Napier University.

Jia Ying believes in the philosophy that we learn best how to take care of ourselves when we are having fun while doing so. He incorporates fun into his sessions as he believes it will enhance an otherwise mundane training, letting clients adhere to the rough and rigorous routine to achieve their desired goal.

What Our Clients Says

“Jake has given me the strength to believe in myself with care and understanding. He has been instrumental in teaching me proper techniques, pushing me beyond my limits and providing me with a safe and friendly environment. I’ve never felt better and my physical and mental health are at their peak.”

Susana Rodriguez

Corporate Travel Manager

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“Jiaying is a focused and dedicated trainer. He is very well versed in human anatomy and nutrition, training sessions with Jiaying has never been intimidating or dull as he infuses them with jokes. However, he does not compromise the main focus of the session and ensures that the session’s goals are met!”


Mohammed Noor

Academic Staff

To lose weight

“I have worked out with personal trainers for 10+ years but over the last year with Ze Yuan I've gained greater muscle awareness, mobility and strength than in the past 10. He is passionate about his training and it shows in the quality of each workout.”

Michael Heinemeier

Director Asia Pacific

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“Xun is a dedicated and passionate trainer who is very professional and will ensure that you work towards your goal. He builds a strong rapport with his clients, and pushes them on to complete every rep while emphasizing on maintaining the right form.”



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