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Our Physique Commitment

Passion and Quality

With our own experiences going from fat and skinny to the peak of the fitness, we truly understand what it feels like to get started and to keep going. It is with this understanding and love for fitness that Physique Studio was born – to help everyone reach their full potential no matter their size or shape.

Personal Attention

Physique Studio is a trainer-based gym; our clients train under the supervision of our professional coaches. This means that there’s always someone available to advise, spot, or even support you in your workout. With personal guidance, motivation, and attention, you can push your limits safely and achieve your goals faster!

Discipline and Commitment

With expert guidance and a motivated environment, you can be assured that your fitness experience is not just one-off or seasonal. At Physique Studio, we’re helping you build a lifestyle that is rewarding and rejuvenating. Rest assured that our friendly trainers will hold you accountable to your goals and ensure you stay right on track.


Your physique is science, not fiction. Get to know the facts and sieve through all rumours. Get the precise type and intensity of training for your body type and your goal. Be it improving your strength, burning stubborn fat, or increasing the size of your gluteus maximus, our trainers have the know-how to help you. Put down the guesswork and let us show you the way!

Customised Physique Programs

An ectomorph (skinny body type) will train very differently from an endomorph (thick body type) and that’s why there is no single method of training that will work for everybody. At Physique Studio we will help you customise your own training program based on your own physique and your desired outcome. Whether it is you want bigger traps, a slimmer tummy, or nicer calves, we’ll have just the plan for you.

Train with the Best

At Physique Studio we believe in being real and walking the talk. That’s why our trainers are not only knowledgeable and professional, they look the part as well! Here, you will not find retired, out of shape trainers. Our trainers look like they speak and are excellent role models for the budding fitness enthusiast.