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About Physique Studio


Forget the massive crowds and long queues for equipment. At Physique Studio, we aim to provide an experience that is focused, effective, and personal. Our gym is well equipped with everything you need, and is conveniently located at South Bridge Road, right in the heart of the CBD. Physique Studio is a private and personal training facility tailored to your needs. Combining state-of-the-art equipment with sound training principles and a passion for fitness.

Personal Training

Physique Studio is a trainer-based gym that will provide you the knowledge and training needed to achieve your fitness goals. Put away the guesswork; let our experienced and qualified trainers show you how to look better, live healthier, and feel more confident.

We are also the first to recommend and provide supplements after your workouts, to immediately kick-start your post-workout recovery, making the absolute most of your efforts in the gym.

Passion and Commitment

Physique Studio was founded with a passion for spreading our love of fitness. Our trainers themselves have gone from flab to lean, thin to muscular, and it is this fitness success that has inspired us to help you do the same. With our experience, we are confident that you will achieve great results or we’ll refund your money back. That’s our Physique Guarantee.

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